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This application is owned and operated by PT. Linkz Nusantara Indonesia and these Terms of Use apply to users who use this application to access data and information that is only intended for taxpayers in the Republic of Indonesia. The terms "We" and "LINKZ" refer to PT. Linkz Nusantara Indonesia, which provides the Application for you, and the term "you" refers to the user who accepts the Terms of Use. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please do not use this application.


You acknowledge that all information, data and other details that you provide to LINKZ are true, accurate, current and complete. You are responsible for updating and improving the information you provide for this Application.


You agree that the personal information and data that you provide to LINKZ, whether through this application, email, telephone, and other forms of communication; collected, stored and processed in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to update or change the Privacy Policy at any time, and announce the latest version on this Application.


All content in this Application is owned by LINKZ and licensors, or content providers, and is protected by copyright, trademark, and the laws of the Republic of Indonesia and other applicable domestic and foreign laws and regulations. LINKZ grants you a limited license to access and use this Application. Unless stated otherwise, you are permitted to access, copy, download, and print content in this Application for legal use, as long as you do not modify or delete the copyright, trademark, or ownership information of the content. LINKZ and its licensors, or content providers retain full rights to the content available in the Application, including intellectual property rights, and provide content with a license that can be revoked at any time in accordance with LINKZ's policies. LINKZ strictly prohibits the misuse of Application content, including but not limited to: downloading, copying, or other use of content or applications that aim to compete with LINKZ, or for the benefit of other vendors, or third parties; all unauthorized caching and linking of the Application to this Application, or the framing of content made available in this Application illegally; all changes, distribution, distribution, administration, broadcast, publication, uploading, licensing, manipulation, transfer or sale, or creation of derivative works, of all content, products or services taken from the Application, which you do not have the right to use. LINKZ prohibits all uploading, posting, or distribution of any material containing software viruses or computer code, files or programs designed to interfere with, destroy or limit computer use; use of hardware or software that aims to intercept, or retrieve information (such as system or personal data) from the Application, including but not limited to the use of scraping or data collection method techniques, spider robots or similar tools; or any action that causes or is likely to result in a large or unreasonable or disproportionate use of loads, or damage that interferes with the performance of the LINKZ infrastructure. LINKZ reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership, impose restrictions on any party from the Application, and use the Application for any reason, and restrict or prohibit you from accessing the Application at any time without notification. LINKZ does not guarantee or represent that the use of content in the Application will not violate the rights of third parties who are not affiliated with LINKZ. Termination of access or use will not override or affect other rights or waivers that LINKZ has, on legal or equity grounds.


LINKZ may have links to applications or other resources operated by third parties that do not have a relationship with LINKZ. These links are intended to provide you with access to additional information. We are not responsible for and have no liability for any content, advertisements, products or materials contained in these applications or resources. Inclusion of links to other applications is not an absolute endorsement of the content of the linked applications or resources. Different terms and conditions and privacy policies may apply to the use of linked applications and resources. LINKZ is not responsible, for any damage, loss or liability caused or suspected to be caused by, or related to the use or reliance on content, products or services available on, or through linked applications or resources.


Unless stated in the Terms of Use, or required by applicable law, LINKZ makes no representations, conditions, or warranties and offers other conditions, either express or implied, regarding any issue, including but not limited to, sale and purchase, suitability, appropriateness. for certain uses, or purposes, or non-infringement of LINKZ membership, of any content and or any products or services available on LINKZ, as well as the implied warranties of the performance or bidding process. In certain regions, the law does not allow the denial of such guarantees, so the above disclaimers apply to the extent the law allows them. You own the risk of using this Application. We reserve the right to limit or revoke your access to the Application in its entirety or features or other parts of this Application at any time. LINKZ does not guarantee that access to the Application will not be interrupted; that the Application is safe; or virus free; or the information provided by the Application is accurate, true, timely, useful, reliable, complete and precise. When you download content from this Application, you do so on your own will and understand the risks. You are responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that occurs as a result of downloading content.


Providers of products and services available on the LINKZ Application are independent contractors and not agents or employees of LINKZ. LINKZ is not responsible for any actions, errors, negligence, negligence, statements, guarantees, violations of product and service providers, or for personal injury, death, property damage or other damage, or costs incurred. You understand, acknowledge and agree that you are fully responsible for the use of the Application and / or LINKZ membership, communication with third parties, and the purchase and use of products and services available on LINKZ. You acknowledge, understand and agree that all information you send or receive during your membership and / or use of the Application is not completely secure and can be intercepted by unauthorized parties. You acknowledge, understand and agree that you bear the consequences and risks of using this application yourself. You understand, acknowledge and agree that, to the extent permitted by applicable law, including but not limited to protection of consumer rights, neither LINKZ nor the licensors, distributors or third-party content providers are responsible for consequential damages arising out of or relating to:

  1. This application or other applications or other resources that you access via a link from this Application.

  2. Every action we take or don't take as a result of the communications you send to us.

  3. Your LINKZ membership, including any termination or cancellation, including but not limited to your membership and any referral program.

  4. Any delay or inability to use this Application or any information, products and services available on this Application.

  5. Any modification, omission, or deletion of any material included or posted on this Application.

  6. Any use of the Application, whether based on a contract, error, legal obligation, or other use, even if LINKZ has been informed of possible damage, it is the user's responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the opinions, advice, suggestions or other content obtained from the Application this or linked sites or linked resources.

This disclaimer applies, without limitation, to any damage or injury resulting from performance failure, error, negligence, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer viruses, file corruption, communication failure, system failure, personal loss or theft, damage, unauthorized access, alteration, use of data, and all other forms of loss. You acknowledge and agree that LINKZ or licensors, distributors, or third party content providers are not responsible for defamation, illegal acts committed by users of this Application. You and LINKZ agree that the cause of action arising out of or relating to the Application must be commenced within one (1) year after the cause of action occurred, or the cause of action which is permanently prohibited. Since some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on how long the warranty, exclusion, or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damage, all or part of the above limitations may be limited to the extent law allows.


You will indemnify and hold LINKZ free from and against all fines, penalties, liabilities, losses and other damages of any kind, including attorney and expert fees incurred by LINKZ and related parties, and must defend LINKZ and related parties against any claims emerging from:

  1. Your violation of the Terms of Use, or

  2. Actions that violate the law or fraud or negligence that you do intentionally, or

  3. Your violation of third party rights.

LINKZ will control the defense of any claims for damages that may apply, and, under no circumstances may you resolve any claim without LINKZ's written consent.


When you use the Application or send email to LINKZ, you are connecting with LINKZ electronically. You agree that all agreements, announcements, disclosures and other means of communication sent to you electronically are as legally valid as written communications. All notifications from LINKZ are deemed to have been sent and received by you when sent to the email address you provided on the LINKZ Application.


Access to part of the Application that is protected with a password is limited only to authorized users. You are responsible for protecting your login access, including passwords. You agree that you are responsible for all statements made, and for actions and omissions that occur when using your login access. If you think your login is being misused, or stolen, please report it to LINKZ immediately. LINKZ will assume that you make every communication we receive from your email or other communication tools related to you or your login account on this application, unless we receive a notification stating otherwise.


Trademarks, logos and service marks (Marks) displayed in the Application are the property of LINKZ or licensors, or content providers, or other parties. You and other parties acting on your behalf are prohibited from using the brand for any purpose including but not limited to use as a meta tag in other applications without written permission from LINKZ or other third parties who may own the mark. You are not permitted to use framing techniques or technology to attach any content to the Application without written consent from LINKZ. In addition, you may not take advantage of the Application content in meta tags or by using "hidden text" techniques without written consent from LINKZ. All content, including software programs, available on or through the Application is protected by copyright, trademark and applicable laws of the Republic of Indonesia and other countries.


LINKZ respects the intellectual property rights of others, and we ask users to do the same. You are hereby informed that LINKZ has adopted and implemented a policy to stop users, in appropriate circumstances, from infringing copyright. In certain circumstances and at its discretion, LINKZ may terminate and / or deactivate your account and / or user membership that may violate third party intellectual property rights.


As long as they do not conflict with the provisions contained in the Terms of Use, or the principles of general law that apply, each provision of the Terms of Use will continue to apply to any party after these Terms of Use end.


LINKZ is free from fulfilling the Terms of Use, in whole or in part, as a result of an event or series of events caused by:

  1. Weather conditions or other natural acts, or

  2. War, terrorism, riot, civil disturbance or rebellion, or

  3. Quarantine or embargo, or

  4. Strike, or

  5. Other causes beyond LINKZ's control.


You acknowledge and agree that LINKZ may, in its sole discretion, change, add, or remove part of the Terms of Use at any time and opportunity, by announcing the revised Terms of Use in the Application. You cannot change or modify the Terms of Use under any circumstances. You are responsible for periodically checking any changes to the Terms of Use that we make. If you are still using this application after the Terms of Use have been changed, you are deemed to have accepted the changes.


You cannot transfer these Terms of Use (or any rights, benefits, or obligations) due to law or otherwise without the written consent of LINKZ, which can be withheld under LINKZ's policies. Any attempts to transfer that are not in accordance with these Terms of Use will be null and void. LINKZ may assign Terms of Use, in whole or in part, to third parties at its sole discretion.


Anda tidak berkewajiban untuk menggunakan aplikasi dan hanya dapat memilih untuk berhenti menggunakannya kapan saja dengan membatalkan akun Anda dan menghapus Aplikasi secara permanen dari perangkat Anda, sehingga menonaktifkan penggunaan Aplikasi. Ketentuan Penggunaan ini diakhiri secara otomatis ketika Anda menghapus Aplikasi secara permanen dari perangkat.

Anda dapat mengakhiri akun Anda dengan memberi tahu kami tentang niat Anda untuk membatalkan akun Anda. Kami akan berusaha melakukan yang terbaik untuk menyelesaikan penghentian.

Kami berhak untuk segera menangguhkan, membatasi, atau mengakhiri Ket entuan dan Penggunaan ini dan penggunaan Aplikasi oleh Anda jika kami memiliki alasan yang masuk akal untuk mencurigai bahwa Anda telah melanggar atau melanggar ketentuan dalam Ketentuan Penggunaan ini atau hukum dan peraturan yang berlaku.


These Terms of Use are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia and any and all disputes arising from the use of our services will be resolved through the Singapore International Arbitration Center (“SIAC”).


These Terms of Use are prepared in English and Indonesian, both versions are binding on you and us. In case of inconsistency between the Indonesian and English versions, the English version will prevail and the Parties will change the Indonesian version accordingly.


These Terms of Use constitute the contents of the entire agreement and understanding between you and LINKZ regarding the Application. The contents of these Terms of Use supersede all current or previous communications and proposals, either orally or in writing, between the two parties to the contents of the agreement. The printed version of the Terms of Use must be acceptable in legal or administrative proceedings based on or related to the use of this Application to the extent permitted by and subject to the same terms as other business documents and records that were originally generated and stored in hard copy.