Features LINKZ
B2B Sales Solution LINKZ

B2B Sales Solution

Make your store more special and convenient for customer, let your product be seen anywhere and anytime.

Your store will connect directly with your customer, allows you to customize the price, discount, chat, and notifications to each customers as you want.

Stock and Inventory Management

Smart stock management, smart business. 

No more lost stock and cheating stock.

Beside an accurate stock inventory detection by tracking all item bought and sold across warehouse in every location, you will know immediately which stock is popular, which stock is not performing well (dead stock), and which needs to be restock as soon as possible. This will make your warehouse neater, tidier,

Stock and Inventory Management LINKZ
Integrated Business LINKZ

Integrated Business

Integration increases accuracy and easiness.

Everything is integrated quickly in real-time, making it easier for you to run your business, covering the invoice of buying-selling, invoices, to travel documents. It runs automatically and digitally, also you can directly share the accurate data with your customers.

Real-Time Business Report

Immediately monitor the health of your business.

Your business report will automatically updated in real-time, so it will help your business decision making easier. You also will save so many time, effort, and costs because you can  monitor and manage the report anywhere and anytime.

Real-Time Business Report LINKZ
Payable and Receiveable Tracking

Payable & Receivable

Now no need to worry because you can still manage the business while busy.

Tracking your payable and receivables will be greatly helped by the Notification Features without the need to check manually.

Electronic Payment

No need to worry because the transaction with LINKZ is definitely safe.

Payments that are integrated automatically with this financial feature can take place quickly and safely.

Electronic Payment LINKZ
Maintained Cash Flow LINKZ

Maintained Cash Flow

Secure your cash flow in one application.

Make it easier for your customers to apply for credit without giving you any risk so that your business cash flow can be maintained and can increase your profits without limits.