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B2B Sales Solution

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Make your store special and convenient for your customers. Let your product be seen anytime and anywhere.

Your store will connect directly to your customers, allowing you to customize the price and discount level for different customers. You can also chat and notify each customer directly.

Stock and Inventory Management

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Manage your stock and business smartly. No more lost stock situations.

Besides an accurate stock detection that tracks all items bought and sold across every location, you will also know which are the popular products, the non-performing products (dead stocks), and which products need immediate restocking. Your warehouse will be neater and tidier.

Business Integration

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Integration increases accuracy and improves efficiency.

Everything is integrated in real-time, making it easier for you to run your business, issue invoices, and delivery documents. You can share accurate information with your customers as it is automatic and digital.

Real-Time Business Report

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Monitor the health of your business instantaneously.

You can make better business decisions as your reports are updated in real-time. Save time, effort, and costs because your reports are available anytime and anywhere.

Payable & Receivable Tracking

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Be worry-free while managing your business, even when you are busy.

Track your receivables and payables easily with live notification.

Electronic Payment

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Transact securely with LINKZ. We guarantee the safety of your payment.

Your payments are integrated automatically with our OJK-approved partner, to ensure secured and quick transactions.

Cash Flow Management

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Secure your cash flow with an all-in-one application.

Your customers can easily apply for credit financing with our OJK-approved partners. Your credit risk is eliminated, thus giving you an improved cash flow and the ability to increase your profits without limits.

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