LINKZ | B2B Sales Solution


What is the differences between LINKZ and Marketplace?

LINKZ is better for Business-to-Business (B2B). LINKZ have an exclusive catalog that is very helpful to sell your product to your new customers and regular customer to increase your sales and grow your business.

What makes LINKZ different with marketplace, you can control:

  1. Which customer allowed to see or access your catalog.
  2. Customizable price, discount, credits, and other for each customers.
  3. Use a suitable measurements of units for the product (per kg, box, or package).
  4. Be the choosen one by your customers, they won't easily find and compare to competitors.

What is the differences between LINKZ and Accounting Software?

LINKZ focusing on helping your business to increasing sales and connect special relationship with your customers. LINKZ might not a full accounting software, but LINKZ can record the transaction and give you report about your cash flow that is integrated with your stock inventory. In other words, LINKZ is the way to helping you to be smart in managing stock inventory.

What is the differences between LINKZ and Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP]?

LINKZ can do what a good ERP do, including sales, stock inventory, also payable and account receivable tracking. Might not as complete as ERP that takes a long time to do the installation and training, LINKZ provide a similar service but cheaper, faster, and more simple. We will train you!

What is the differences between LINKZ and Point of Sales [POS]?

LINKZ have the solution for B2B sales that can make your customer order faster and conveniently without having them to go to the physical store. This is the best way to connect with all your customer in a different location, while POS only possible to be operated in one location and only allows you to login one account per device. This will hold your business to grow.

How to do a transition to LINKZ if my business is currently already have another system and my business is very busy everyday?

Don't worry, LINKZ team will help you! We will find the right time to explain briefly on what do to, and let us handle your transition process. All you have to do is just sit tight and wait for us to complete the installation for your business quickly.

You could have all of these not more than three days! Our support such as followings:

  1. We set up an account of your business for your employees in the most secure and safest way.
  2. We input all your product (SKUs), including the picture, price, details, etc.
  3. We register your customers and their details so they can immediately order your product.
  4. We train you and your employees after all has been set.
  5. We train your customers also. You can forward our training materials to them, or we do the training.

I'm using a manual system for my business for years. It is stable and comfortable. Do I need this technologies solution such as LINKZ?

Nowadays, everyone is using technologies to run their business. In the future, the competition of business will be very strict. You will need it sooner or later eventually. Many business being innovative by the help of technologies. In fact, they still can surviving the business. You don't want to just sit and wait for the customers to contact you nor go presenting your business one by one. You also don't have to go to the office when you sick just because of the manual system like using paper and any physical documents.

Can LINKZ be used in more than one device?

Yes. LINKZ can be used in more than one devices. You can manage more than one account using the same email at once. This can make it easier for those of you who have more than one store and have problems remembering passwords.

My business needs an easy and simple inventory system, does LINKZ provide this?

Yes. LINKZ provide an easy and simple inventory system. You can manage stock inventory and all activities across your warehouse. It will be recorded automatically so that your warehouse will be tidier. Every single transaction that occurs will be automatically displayed on your dashboard screen and the stock of goods in the stock will automatically decrease. You will get a notification when the stock is running low, so you won't miss the opportunities to increasing your sales and grow your business.

I often forget when the product stock is running low, can LINKZ help with this?

Yes. LINKZ can help to remind you when the stock is running low by our notification features for all product that is on high demand or low stock.