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Tips for Your Business to Maximize the Month of Ramadan

Eid is near. Prepare your business for fluctuation in company sales during this period. Many companies will be focusing on their digital marketing strategy and PR efforts during this month.

After Ramadan, many of your customers will be spending more time with their families this year, so it's a good time to re-present your brand to them in a fresh way. This article will provide you with a basic outline of how to showcase your business during Ramadan. There will be some useful tips to increase your sales with Eid promotion and marketing during Ramadan.

Prepare Promotion Accordingly

Ramadan is a great time to promote your business based on its economic impact on the economy and other factors. It is important that you take advantage of every opportunity you have to make sure your brand stands out and is ready to welcome customers during Eid.

While fasting, you can also engage your customers and fellow Muslim brothers and sisters by offering special promotions, offering food or gift options, and making plans to coordinate social media activities (for example, social media contests, page views on websites / blog posts / Facebook photos etc.).

Pay Attention to Your Goods Availability

Stock management is very important for a business. You have to do everything you can to make sure you have the latest and greatest stock for your customers. There are a number of things you can do to ensure your business gets extra sales during the Eid period.

First, having your product stock ready in advance allows you to avoid delayed payments from your customers. You can also take a closer look at waiting times and make sure they match delivery times. Finally, you should consider adding stock when prices are competitive.

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Maintain Customer Relations with Silahturami

This is the perfect moment to genuinely improve your relationship with your customer. You can congratulate customers who celebrate Eid, send hampers to loyal customers, or just have an online tour with your customers.

During Eid al-Fitr, you can also maintain communication relationships with customers by opening an online shop or using an online digital catalog platform such as Linkz so that orders can still enter as long as you don't open the shop.

When pursuing the opportunity to run the Ramadan business tips above, you will need a business sales support system. Linkz, a web and app-based order management system, could be the best choice.

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