Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

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About Linkz

1. What is Linkz?

Linkz is a private e-commerce solution that allows your customers to transact effectively and efficiently with your business. With mobile catalog, inventory and order management, Linkz makes your business the number one choice for your customers.

2. Why should I choose Linkz?

Because Linkz offers a solution for your sales management with features that are more equipped than other B2B e-commerce. In addition, Linkz is also supported by AWS cloud services at very competitive prices

3. Do I need a separate list of web apps and apps?

No. You only need to register for 1 store account and it can be opened both via the web app or application

4. I am an iOS device user, can I use the Linkz app?

For iOS users, Linkz can only be accessed via the web app: For your convinience, we are developing the service for iOS users in the future

5. How can Linkz make my business grow?

With our features and services, you can increase sales through a product catalog, add employees to the application to manage your business.

6. I am interested in trying the Linkz application, how do I do it?

You only need to download the Linkz application via Google Playstore (for Android users) and access the web app (for iOS users). Then register yourself by filling in the form provided.

7. Who is suitable to use Linkz?

All business people who need a sales management solution, from SMEs, suppliers, to distributors

8. Can Linkz share transaction documents?

Yes. You can share transaction reports as a pdf file or download the reports directly and then share them with your customers

9. How many users can be used in one account?

If you subscribe to the Linkz Lite package, you will get a slot for 3 users. Meanwhile, Linkz Premium can be used by more than 10 users.

10. Do I have to create 2 accounts to become a 'seller' and 'buyer'?

No. As a seller, you only need to connect the product catalog with your customers. As a buyer, you only need to connect the catalog with your suppliers. One account can be connected with more than a catalog of supplier products.

Subscription Fees

1. How much is the subscriptions fee?

Linkz subscription fees start from Rp. 199,000 / per month only. For more information, please contact our Admin team +6281299899180

2. I am interested in subscribing to the Linkz service, what documents do I need to prepare?

There are no documents that need to be prepared, you only need to fill in all available data when registering

3. What are the subscription service packages offered?

Linkz has 2 service packages, which is Linkz Lite and Linkz Premium. For features and services for each package, please contact our Admin team +6281299899180

4. Does my device have to be connected to the Internet for 24 hours straight to access the Linkz application?

No, Linkz can be used directly after you log in to it. You can change the data if you have an internet connection and the data will not change even if your device is not connected to the internet.

5. How do buyers pay for orders?

You can add payment options with Linkz, such as through: bank transfer, cash, prepaid, credit, Alfamart, Indomaret, and other payment services.

Features and Services

1. I am quite concerned about data security, what guarantees can Linkz provide?

Linkz is integrated with the AWS cloud system (Amazon Web Series) so that your data will not be leaked, damaged or lost.

2. Does Linkz provide special features for managing promotions and marketing?

No, however we will be willing to help provide a solution if needed

3. Can Linkz be used in more than one outlet?

Can. You can manage more than one account using the same email at once. This can make it easier for those of you who have more than one store and have problems remembering passwords

4. My business needs an easy and systematic warehouse system, does Linkz provide this?

Of course. You can manage warehouse stock and all warehousing activities will be recorded automatically so that your warehouse will be tidier. Every transaction that occurs will be automatically displayed on your dashboard screen and the stock of goods in the warehouse will automatically decrease. You will get a notification when the stock is running low.

5. I often forget when the product stock is running low, can Linkz help with this?

Can. Linkz will send a notification when the product stock is running low.

About Linkz Application

1. How to register

Download and open the Linkz Application, Press Register, Fill in all the required data. The OTP will be sent via SMS and email. The account is ready to use.

2. What is on the Sales Management features?

- Making a New Order
- Track Orders

3. What is on the Purchase Management features?

- Create a new Purchase Order
- Make purchases through the catalog
- Track existing purchase orders

4. Warehouse

- Adding products
- Manage stock
- Send shipments out
- Discount settings

5. Private Catalog & Public Catalog

- Connect with sellers / buyers
- Order from the catalog
- Share Public Catalog on all platforms

6. Finance

- Send an digital invoice
- Manage accounts payable
- Dashboard

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